Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Achoo and other mom-to-be grumblings

So I’m waiting for the day I wake up and feel fantastic, like I can run a marathon and then come back and tackle a beauty pageant. So far I’ve got nothing. My appetite is mostly me just hungry…but for nothing particular. I am lucky to have such a wonderful husband who has been accommodating to all my meal issues, mostly be being hungry but not wanting a darn thing in the fridge or cupboards. Love you, babe!

Achoo…I have a sensitive nose and lots of things in the air tickle it many times during the day. This I am use to, what I am not accustomed to the sensation of wanting to hold my belly while I sneeze. And if I don’t, I feel like I’m going to blow out my va-jay-jay! What the heck is all that about??? And to top it all off I was a light sneezer…I think it’s been referred to as petite. (Um, just go with it.) I hate sneezing and attracting attention and making a lot of noise, so I would do it almost incognito. Not anymore! Now I’m holding my belly and blowing houses down. It’s very attractive to see and hear.

I said I wouldn’t talk about my day to day pee escapades, but here they are. I can’t stop going and going and going. It doesn’t matter if I drink or don’t drink; I am spending half my day with trips to the bathroom. This is not fun and I don’t expect it will be any more fun when I have 7 pounds of baby fighting for room with my bladder. I think about that and cringe and honestly if I think about it too much I will end up in tears. This would be ok, because in a few minutes I will have to pee again and I can wipe away my tears at the same time.

I have a friend from college that is pregnant with her first child after several years of trying and she wants to be helpful…but instead of asking me first what my position is on certain issues I get inundated with emails full of links about articles/videos/websites that I MUST visit. And she sent me her birth plan, which freaked me the heck out! It was so detailed and honestly came across rather condescending. Or maybe that was just me? I know if I was the nurse/doctor looking at this I would roll my eyes. She wants everything to be natural, no drugs unless absolutely necessary, no time away from baby, father should be with baby if mother cannot, no bottles, sugar water, etc. I was overwhelmed by it, mostly because I’m nowhere near thinking about a birth plan. I replied that it was detailed and I was scared. She laughed it off and said it was because she was PARTICULAR. Now this made me feel like an idiot because honestly? If I could not read a thing about pregnancy and birth and let this all just happen, I would…that’s probably as far from particular as you can get. She did at least tell me she was overwhelmed by picking a stroller and baby seat out, but I don’t know if it was suppose to make me feel better or not.

And finally, we are coming close to the time to tell our folks and soon they will join you all as readers. Have we come up with a plan to tell them? Um, that would be no. We’ve been tossing ideas back and forth and while I’m game for anything, Hubby is not. (sorry Hon, but this is the impression I get) At this point I’m all for blurting it out over a meal as I ask for someone to pass the bread.


  1. Embrace being a laid back mommy! You will be a lot happier with the way things turn out than your friend with the insane birth plan.

    Here's my birth plan story: The Bible of pregnancy (WTEWYE) tells everyone to make a birth plan, so Kevin and I fought over it and finally printed it out and shoved it in our hospital bags. When we got to the hospital, I was in so much pain I just wanted to lay down and try to sleep it off. We left my bags in the car anyway, so we didn't even have the camera (it was 4 am--we were out of it). No one ever asked for my birth plan, I rarely ever saw nurses and when I did they were overworked and annoyed by my presence. My doctor never came to see me, nurses didn't care if I died, and when it was finally time to push I had to clamp my legs together and wait for the doctor to drive in from a conference over an hour away. Fun times.

    The birth plan? I think it still might be shoved in a pocket of my overnight back, all yellow with age. I think your friend will be in for a big shock when she goes into labor and finds out the nurses and hospital staff couldn't care less about her perfect plans.

  2. The baby fighting the bladder for room. The baby wins, I'll just spoil that ending right now :) I know what you mean though. It was so bad that at one point I really considered getting adult diapers so I wouldn't have to get up at night, haha!

    As for your friend. She sounds like a true anal retentive control freak. And I mean that in the nicest of ways because I am one :) I did have a plan formualted, but I never showed it to the doctor.

  3. The peeing will improve as you get into your second trimester, because the baby will move out of the pelvis and off of your bladder. It did with me. Of course, it will return when you start to get huge in your third trimester, but there should be a break.

    I wouldn't listen to your anal-retentive friend. I'm one huge, Kate Gosselin-style control freak, but as I became a mom I started to roll with the punches and embrace my pregnancy. If you stress the details the entire pregnancy you'll never sit down and enjoy what's happening. You have many months to plan for this thing, so take it as you go. That's one of the nice things about it taking 9 months to grow a baby: you don't have to deal with everything all at once.

    I hope this helped!

    P.S. You're making me jealous and giving me baby pangs reading about your pregnancy. I loved being pregnant, and you're wanting me to go have another one now. :)

  4. I hated being pregnant (except for months 3,4,and 5), but I LOVE reading all about yours! (or anyone's for that matter, because I can look back through my rose colored glasses now)

    I'll admit, I did have a birth plan because I so wanted a natural labor and my midwives encouraged me to have a plan so that I would have a few things thought out ahead of time. Well, once we realized that I was headed for a c-section, none of that mattered. And to be honest with you, it never should have mattered to begin with. If I wanted a natural birth, that little scrap of paper would have meant nothing - it still would have come down to me saying "No, I don't want the freaking epidural!" And looking back on how much I loved my morphine drip, I totally would have been begging for the epi. I'm a wuss...with high hopes of being a titan.

    I got point is, just take it as it comes and enjoy it. Forget the books...forget what everyone else is doing...and just enjoy. And if you EVER have a moment of wondering, "should I call the doctor?" for whatever'll ease your mind and they're used to crazy pregnant women calling for any and all reasons. :)

  5. Hey cute girl - I'm all for the blurt it out and someone pass the bread - totally from a Molly Ringwald movie that I've seen a gazillion times and can't remember the name of.

    As for the birth plan... i do believe mine was along the lines of "get the baby out"... and that was about it.

  6. Birth plans? You don't need no stinking birth plans!

    What's funny is that it's usually first time moms that make these, without really understanding what chaos is going to be going on during the labor. I think it's hilarious to watch A Baby Story and see how these moms have all of these big plans and how quickly they fall by the wayside. If you never make a birthing plan, that's just fine, sweetie. You're not going to know what you want or need for real until you're in that situation. WTEWYE also says you should have comforting music playing and tennis balls for massages. In my case, I wanted silence all the time and if anyone touched me, they would lose their head.

  7. Let me help you out with the birth plan saga by saying this... don't waste your time. Just let happen whatever is meant to be. You'll go completely insane if you try to control the stuff that is completely out of your hands.

    And you think the peeing is bad now? I gotta say... enjoy this time, because first tri peeing is a walk in the park compared to third tri peeing issues!! I'm sure you wanted to hear those lovely words, huh? lmao

  8. You need to spend some time thinking about YOU now, since you won't have time to think about yourself AT ALL once the wee one arrives! I remember that hungry for no reason feeling! I would beg Hubby to fix me a hot-fudge sundae, and he'd fix me--a plate ful of apple slices! Yes, I know, he was being considerate, but still...

  9. birth plan....hmmm GET THIS BOY OUT NOW...everything else went out the window....and yeah I was begging for just let nature take its course and do not get hung up on all that. Check out the magazine BRAIN is great.

  10. You all rock...I knew having a birth plan would be more stress than it is worth. What's going to happen will happen, no matter what I plan. And trust me, I'm a planner! But with this I just feel a need to let things happen they way they want. As long as I'm healthy and safe and Baby is healthy and safe...why worry?


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