Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Surprise...we aren't.

That's right, we get to have this fun all again next month, as we aren't pregnant. I have to admit that I am more bummed than I thought I would be. But deep down I knew it didn't stick...I think innately you are supposed to know and feel different.

I mentioned my erratic cycle to the doctor and she didn't seemed concerned. She said I could just feel stressed. I don't feel stressed, but subconciously could be a whole other story. She also had them draw blood to test my thyroid, just in case. Hopefully everything is normal and I and my body are just being stupid-heads.

And speaking of doctor's, why does it seem that the ones my mother had always seemed to take more time than the one's I have? I feel I spend more time filling out paperwork and waiting than actually seeing the doctor. Does this change when you are pregnant? Do they spend more time with you? I feel gypped most times I visit any doctor or dentist!

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