Sunday, March 16, 2008

Go Vitamins!

I expected this weekend to have me in misery and pain. That's how I usually am when it's that time. I get migraines, cramps from Hades and the attitude to match. So imagine my surprise when all I had was a bad attitude that only lasted about a day or two. I have to think it was the vitamins that I've been taking...because trust me when I say a cycle like this has NEVER happend to me. If I had known it would be that easy to end my monthly torment Iwould have been taken prenatal vitamins all along!

In other news I've really been on a baby kick! Which I guess is a good thing...I mean I would hate to abhor all things baby at this point, right? Anyway wherever I go I gravitate towards the baby section...just to look. And if Tim is with me we ooh and ahh together over the tiny designs and then get that faraway "one day we will have a reason to buy this" look. I believe this is the same look our parents get. Only mine went ahead and bought the first baby outfit this past Christmas. Is that tempting fate? Is me looking at clothing and names and planning tempting fate? Is wanting a boy and doing what I can to have better odds at that, tempting fate?


  1. you got a baby outfit for christmas... for the child you don't have yet? roflmao. nice *subtle* hint there, huh?

  2. Nice, huh? I have to say it is a cute outfit. The best was that everyone could not wait to see me open the gift!!


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