Thursday, February 26, 2015

Where Does the Time Go?

This month our little man turned 6. There were moments where the time seemed to slow down and then it seems in the last year or so, it has sped right up. How can he be six? I remember bringing him home and just spending moments looking at him in wonderment. I was going through photos and video on the laptop and found some him at about 18 months. He still had that baby talk and baby face...and was so happy to stomp in a puddle of mud. He would stomp then squeal "again, again," and watching that video made my heart hurt. He will never be that little again, that innocent, that full of awe over the most simple of things.

As he gets bigger and older, I see a lot of myself in him. We both like to laugh, we both are stubborn and we both strive for perfection. It is quite awesome to see him do something and know I would do it the same way, with the same train of thought about it all. This may or may not be a good thing down the road.

He is still obsessed with all things Angry Birds. I thought it would get old but thankfully they keep pairing Angry Birds with things like Star Wars, race cars and now Transformers. These have all kept his attention focused with no time to like any super heroes. He may never get into super heroes and that's okay, there are so many other things for him to fanboy and geek out over...once we get past the Angry Bird stage.

Besides Angry Birds, he is quite a talented artist. He can sit all day and color, draw, cut and create. Both the husband and I are amazed at how he will remember something he has seen and then create it with accuracy. Art camp may be in his future!

He may be 6 but he is still my little man and will let us snuggle with him. He is sensitive and empathetic about his friends and their feelings. It is sweet to be 6 and I'm proud of our little man.

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