Friday, October 11, 2013


That's the number of cards I am sending out for Thanksgiving. I know what you're thinking...who sends out Thanksgiving cards? Don't worry, I don't normally send out a card for that holiday and spend most of the year thinking about Christmas cards. But I was asked to review and after looking over their site I decided to go with Thanksgiving.
This is the packaging for my card.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I spend a lot of time looking at cards. I always have and was that person that sent you a card for your birthday and every holiday. I loved giving cards and then things got digital. No longer would I spend hours in Hallmark or the card aisle at a major store, looking to replenish my stock. Instead I could hop online and create a card and personalize it with pictures. This of course opened up a whole realm of possibilities...and stress. This also cut back on the amount of cards I send out in any given year. Actually, maybe it was the kids that did that. Oh and the price of stamps each year creeping up.

So I spend most of my year looking for deals on cards and trying to plan a perfect family photo. Enter Cardstore, who is run by American Greetings. Their site is friendly, which to me means I was able to find a card I like, put my pictures in it, tweak it and be done.

I have my two go-to sites, which shall remain nameless for this review, but let me just say that both my go-to sites have given me lots of headaches when trying to create the perfect card. I didn't have not one issue with Cardstore. The whole experience was seamless and the prices are decent. There is shipping cost but if you sign up with them, they always have a few deals going on. Trust me, I love me some free shipping!

They will pre-print your return address on your card:
And they will even mail your card out for you and if you are slacking in getting cards out on time, you can create a card and then schedule it to be sent by Cardstore in the future.

Some say that in this digital age, sending a card, even with a photo can be impersonal. I mean you, as the creator don't physically sign the card or even have to touch it. But never fear, you can acutally upload your signature and put that in your card! Now that folks? That's pretty freaking awesome!

This is the card I went with, which has some sentiment about thinking thankful thoughts. The quality of the card stock is nice and thick and the colors are bright. I also liked that I could move my pictures around and get a true crop.

Will I order from again? I sure would! They have a 100% guarantee, so you really can't go wrong. If you are looking for a new place to get your cards for this holiday, give them a click.

*This review is based upon my experience with using I was given one free card in order to review the site. Please note that compensation in the form of a "free" product does NOT effect my opinions in any way. I strive to provide 100% honest feedback about the products being reviewed*

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