Thursday, September 12, 2013


13 is the number of years I spent taking dance class. I remember going to a weekly class and enjoying the time I spent there. There was a time that I thought maybe I wanted to be a professional ballerina and dance with Mikhail Baryshnikov. And you would think after 13 years that maybe I came close. But sadly I never pushed myself and just took dancing for what it

This past month I signed up our little Miss T for her first ever dance lessons. She has naturally shown a liking for music and dancing, more so than her brother ever did. And when a great Groupon popped up at a studio not to far from our home? I decided to take the plunge.

It was exciting for me to purchase all the gear and then put it on her. My heart skipped a beat when we placed her feet into the ballet slippers and she smiled. When it was time for her to go with her teacher, Ms. Carrie, she didn't hesitate. She got in line with all the other little girls and away they went to their class.

After class she came out smiling and quickly ran to give me a big hug. She seems so small and yet at the same time so big. I forget that soon she will be three and is slowly inching away from babyhood toddlerhood. She has opinions and can be quite bossy. She is testing all limits and her reactions are quite dramatic. Especially when she doesn't like what we have to say. Are these glimpses of the teen years? Or of the person she is becoming? I am sure they are and along with the days we spend laughing, there will be days we spend butting heads and not liking each other very much. But now? In this moment, there is my little girl, in her pink skirt and her pink shoes with a smile on her face...listening for the music and then dancing. And I hope she always hears the music and is never afraid to dance.

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