Friday, October 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

This week I celebrated my 38th birthday. Just seeing that makes me feel old, even though I really don't feel like I'm close to 40. But then again, what is that suppose to feel like? I have always felt like age is what you make it. I know people that flipped out about turning 30, sure it seems scary but it really is like every other birthday. Or at least mine was.

Spencer is really getting into what a birthday is and he had gone out with his Daddy to get a gift for me and it was the sweetest things to see him have a secret. My clue was that he went to a store...which is the same clue Tim and I give each other at Christmas. That kids picks up fast but of course the only thing he truly cared about was cake and when we would have it. He is truly my child as I love all things cake and related to cake. Just don't give me any of that fondant or whipped icing! I am a buttercream gal through and through.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my NC license plate, which reads 1 LUCKY B and of course that can be taken two ways. In Greek my name means honey bee, which explains my affinity for all things honey. Also I am fond of bees, as long as they don't try to sting me. Anyway, I am one lucky b and to go along with that I received the queen bee Pandora charm, which is adorable!

But of course there is the other connotation that is alluded to which starts with b and ends in itch. I don't mind and apparently it rings true because my lovely sister sent a card that made me laugh. Got to love family, right?

I have to admit the highlight of my evening was getting dressed up and having a nice dinner with Tim. I almost didn't know how to act! And while we did talk about the kids some, we mostly talked about things we never seem to be able to get to when we are in the thick of parenting. It was nice to enjoy my meal without having to share or wrangle or repeat the same thing...over and over. Maybe I need a birthday dinner at least once a month???

Now that I have my birthday out of the way...bring on Christmas! Anyone ready for it? Have you started shopping?


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I agree that age is what you make it. And yes, I started Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts. I am seriously considering throwing up my tree because I am running out closet space to hide presents.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    My Christmas shopping for the most part is done. A few more things and that's I say.

    1. Dang, done?? You must shop all year!! I LOVE that!


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