Sunday, July 15, 2012

3 Weeks

So today marks 3 weeks since we started calling Raleigh home. And yet even with all our items in the house and the kids settling in...something feels off.

 It may be the fact that I need to get our routine back or maybe just get use to the layout of the house. Or it could just be that I know this home is not our last stop and subconsciously I am anxious, not able to let myself truly relax. I may be over thinking things but hopefully I will find myself settling down and just enjoying our new surroundings soon!

Spencer really enjoys the playroom and has found a few toys he had forgotten about (probably because we hid them) and Teagan enjoys that just about everything is within her reach. Though the other day I did catch her trying to climb up the bin shelf! If I had to bet, I would say she is way more daring than her brother was at 16 months. He may have been walking before she did but that has not slowed her down in the least.

We've been having a hard time with finding a school for Spencer. Or really, just having them call us back. But we do have an appointment to tour one tomorrow. Not sure if it will be THE one but at least it is a start. I waffle back and forth with sending Spencer to school but then he does something over the top and I wonder why I can't send him 7 days a week! Ha-ha! I really think he needs more than I can offer him at home. I have a hard time STILL with both kids. When is that suppose to get better?

I'm hoping to make some outings and meet a few mom's and hopefully make a friend or two, for me and the kiddos. Maybe that will help me feel more settled? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile he are some pictures from these past 3 weeks.

The playroom. Can you hear the angels sing?

Blurry..but T was pretty happy playing at PlayNation!

Someone gets up TOO early and so he MUST nap.

Peek-a-boo at Honeycutt Park


  1. Carolina

    This is the MOMS group I am a part of, and I have found that I like 90% of the girls that are in it. Which is alot, considering I'm pretty snarky sometimes. Turns out, so are they. Maybe you can find this same group near you :)

    And I think Madi is much more daring than Landon, too. She already climbs over one couch, across the side table and onto the other couch. At 11 months! I'm scared as to how this bodes for the future. I am super jealous of your playroom. We have a playroom, but it doubles as an office, so no room for all my Pinterest ideas to fit!!

    Guess what? I have an RDU overnight this month! TOo bad its only 10.5 hours or I would totally want to get together with you. Maybe next time?!

  2. It's the fact that it's not your permanent home that is making things feel "off". I'm in the same boat as you. Feel no guilt about sending Spencer to school, if for nothing else than the socialization. Being in a new area, it's the best thing for kids... going to school with kids their age. Preschool is a whole lot easier than finding moms you mesh with.

  3. I'm sure the lack of permanency has an effect. Glad to see you've found a few fun spots around including PlayNation. We'll have to schedule a get together soon! Would love to meet in person and I bet our kids would enjoy playing together. :)


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