Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Five

I'm trying to get into a good pace of updating regularly and this is a quick way to do that. So here we go...

1. For as many boxes as we have would never tell it from the amount of items that is still un-boxed in each room. How do you pack everything with KIDS and then continue living? Not happening. I see a late night packing session in our future.

2. Murphy's Law is in full effect. It seems any project Hubby takes on...always cost more and takes longer than anticipated. What are the chances?

3. When I am paying for a service, I expect good customer service. Lately it seems most places could care less about keeping customers or making new ones!

4. I really want to learn how to use my DSLR better. I am still a newbie and even though I try and shoot in manual as opposed to auto...I still have no real clue. Yes, I blog AND I take pictures. Imagine that.

5. We only have 3 more Fridays before we call a new city home. Here's to making each of them stupendous!

Those are my five things and I'm sticking to them. TGIF, y'all!

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