Saturday, March 31, 2012

Moving On Up

Wow, almost a whole month has gone by and yet this post has been sitting in my mind the whole time. In case you missed it on Facebook or Twitter or in a conversation with me...we are moving. Up in this case means two states north to North Carolina.

I have to be honest, when we moved to Georgia, it just never felt like our last stop. I love our house and our neighborhood. If we could take what we have now and move it somewhere else? We would do it. Many people love Georgia and the city of Atlanta but somehow I am missing what they truly love. I don't feel like if we leave I will say things like "Man, I miss that traffic!" Maybe we never really gave the city or state a fair shot but after 8 years? It's been fair enough and we are ready to try something new.

We played around with a lot of different ideas before finally settling on Raleigh, North Carolina. Florida, New York, Michigan and a few others. But after all was said and done, NC seems like the best option for us. We will give it a go and see what happens. Our Georgia home will be for rent in the off chance we have to come back.

I am excited to be on this new adventure but at the same time as I look around our home...I get a little sad. This is the home we came to after we were married. This is the home we brought out children too after they were born. It will be hard to say good bye but then I think of what's just over the horizon and I know we will all be okay.