Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let's Go to the Movies

So yesterday I finally got a chance to take Spencer to the movies for the first time. I didn't know how he would react and so we decided if we were going to do this, Cars 2 was the movie to see. I had read reviews over at Common Sense and was a bit worried. I want to be a good parent and not expose my child to things he isn't ready the husband went to see the movie a few days before. He said the theme of the movie would be over Spencer's head but that all the violence wasn't anything he thought Spencer would be upset over.

I guess I should have been the parent with a camera and truly documented this momentous first, but I didn't. I was more worried about how he would react to a dark theater and whether he would sit still for almost two hours. Thankfully the idea of sharing a popcorn with mommy was enough to get him to forget the theater was dark. He walked right in and asked "What's this?" We had already gone over the fact that we were going to see a movie. Which he happily repeated quite a few times until the movie started.

We went to the first showing of the movie and there were a handful of parents there with their own kids. Back when Hubby and I went to the movie regularly, I liked halfway up and in the middle. Thankfully all theaters have stadium seating now, so most seats are pretty good. I picked a spot and we sat. Spencer was entranced in eating popcorn and not long after we were seated the previews began.

I must admit, I think the sound in the theater was loud. Like overly so. No one else seemed to mind but I worried that it might scare Spencer. It didn't. He was entranced by the big screen. And that lasted until about 15 minutes into Cars 2. I could see him trying to make sense of the movie. And he was amused to see his old friends, Lightning and Mater but that's about it. About 20 minutes in he began to get restless. And by the time the movie got to its climax, he was sitting in my lap. He even asked to go. I was tempted to go...but I hadn't been to a movie in so long that I just cuddled with him. It bought me time.

The movie was well done and cute. Down in a James Bond theme, I think it was geared more towards kids around 5 and up. After we left the movie Spencer didn't really talk about it. Ususally anything that piques his interest is the topic of converation for days. The only thing that seems to ave stuck was that Mater needed to save his friends. Or maybe that's a theme on a Little Einstein episode?

So there you have it..I finally get to see a movie and it's a cartoon and it's on a date with my son. And guess what? I can't wait to do it again!