Friday, July 29, 2011

Hotel Blues

So here I am again, a nice, comfy, quiet hotel, but alas it's not home.

The other day before work I made Spencer one of these nifty, easy to make, and ultra cheap sprinklers to play in. A little PVC, a little glue, drill a few holes, wait 15 minutes and we have lots of smiles! Best $5.00 spent recently. As I went out for dinner this evening, it was 101 degrees...seriously. My mind kept drifting home thinking, what a great day to play in the water!

If only I was home... Mommy has a tough job, and she is awesome. Daylight to dark, there is no rest, and sometimes none even after. I know there are days when she can dream of trading me places for just a little while. You know the that for whatever reason seems to be cranky all day. Toddler climbing over your shoulder as the baby just pooped on you. Those days. Just for a little while. Just a day of relaxing in a cool quiet room, alone with your thoughts or the ability to read or watch a little TV. She deserves it and sometimes probably needs it whether it shows or not.

Me? I get way more of those days than I want...sometimes I really wish I could trade her for a while too.....