Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: So, It's Valentine's

Time to breathe in and release and dump my brain for 5 minutes. That's right it's Sunday which means Stream of Consciousness Sunday with our host Fadra!

What is it about Valentine's that cause people to either really love it or really hate it? I know plnety of people that refer to it as Singles Awareness Day. I never did and there were plenty of years tha I was single. I didn't let it bother me. I knew I was loved and used the day to treat myself. I did't feel like I ever needed a man to define who I was and whether I was good enough to be loved.

But it seems like a lot of women do. Are men the same? Is there a man out there that is sad and cursing the day because he doesn't have a signigicant other to share the day with? I was listening to a local radio station last week and they has a man on that was trying to start a revolution..a rally against Valentine's. He claims that it is a holiday strictly for women and that men are theone's left on the hook for pulling out all the stops. He was promoting a book and a website I think...the women on air with him were offended and kept being so snarky.

I didn't think he was all wrong though. Men do have it harder on Valentine's. We expect to be lavished with flowers and candy and jewelry. We want to be wined and dined. But does it really need to only be done on February 14th? And can't we do a lot of these things oursevles? I don't measure how much my friends are loved by what their boyfriends/husbands/lovers buy them on Valentine's. Why should they? I don't think less of a friend because they are OMG, single, still.

As women, we need to put less stock into a day like Valentine's and more stock into the beautiful,independent, successful people we are. If you want flowers, buy them for yourself. If you want chocolate, buy a box for yourself. If you want a fancy dinner, round up a group of friends and go out to a fancy dinner.

And remember, single or not, there are people out there that love you. And they don't need Valentine's day to tel you that.


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