Thursday, February 10, 2011

Almost Famous and 36 weeks

This week over at And Nobody Told Me I'm writing about in-laws and how no one really tells you how it will be. Curious? Come on over and take a look and join in the conversation!

And now for my weekly belly shot update. Here I am in all my preggo glory, no touch ups or edits.

Dear Baby Girl,

Here we are only 3 weeks away. 3 Mondays left before we go from a family of 3 to a family of 4. When we are all sitting in the living room and Spencer is playing, I imagine what it will be like to have you there with us. Will you be a crier? Will you be an easy-going baby? Will you give us a run for our money?

Sleep has been a little better this week but not by much. I don't feel like I ever get enough sleep, no matter if I nap or even go sleep early. I either get insomnia or can't get comfy. And you seem to always be moving. Moving to tell me you don't like the way I am laying. Or that it's time to go pee. I don't hold out for sleep getting any better.

I hope you don't decide to come early or while Daddy is at work. Stay your 3 weeks, because once you come out, nothing will be the same!


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