Monday, January 24, 2011

My Monday Musings - Where Do I Fit?

Not sure where to begin today's muse...and I'll keep it nice and short. But for the last few days I've felt out of the loop. I've don't think I've been more tired than usual but maybe I have? Tired is my perpetual state of being and I cringe to think what I will feel like when baby girl arrives.

I feel like I'm missing something and at night? My mind races. I'm thinking about blogs and twitter and the things I didn't do that I wanted to do but forgot.

And then there are the things I want to say to people but don't. Why not? I'm afraid they won't get it. Or they will think I am being a big baby. I think this is the place I am feeling most out of the loop.

So many little time. Sorry for being all over the place and probably being the most boring post ever!

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