Monday, November 22, 2010

My Monday Musings

Today's musing is brought to you by the letter's T, S, and A. That's right I'm going to be talking about the T.S.A. It's the #1 topic on the national nightly news, no matter what anchor you choose to watch. I usually don't put my two cents in about things pertaining to flying because I have a different insight to those things. But with this one...I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. So bear with me, whether you agree or not.

The T.S.A was created after 9/11 and when you think about what happened that day, it seemed like a great idea. But honestly, it was probably created too quickly. Many of the agents didn't have to have ANY specialized training. And in certain airport they were on power trips, which I witness more than once. Also, nothing was ever the same depending on which airport you were flying in and out of. But as travelers we adjusted and grinned and bared it when travel rules changed.

Okay, no problem. I am all for safety when it comes to flying. It's my husband's job and I want him to be safe and in turn, all those that fly with him to be safe as well. I took pride in my fellow Americans and how no matter what the rules, if someone was going to be a douche on a plane - we weren't going to take it.

Sadly this doesn't apply to the T.S.A. When they are douchey, we can't disagree. And now? Now we are subject to some serious pat downs. And I'm okay with this, because it's all in the name of safety. I mean someone who is bold enough to put explosives in their freaking underwear, is hardcore. And a little stupid - but that's another post. So pat me down if you must and get your jollies if you're so inclined.

BUT, that's right there is a BUT. Let's be realistic T.S.A. Strip searching children? Embarrassing older folks? And my favorite that I've seen first hand, making an elderly woman in a wheelchair get out of her chair so she can go through the mega-scanner. The poor woman could barely stand on her own!

Profiling may be wrong but let's get real. Does a family with 3 children, baby bags, strollers and car seats warrant a pat down? Does a child? How about someone that can't even stand alone? How about we listen to the passenger that is trying to tell you that they have an outside urine bag? Let's use some commonsense, T.S.A. People are already on edge and you aren't making things better. I am all for the pat downs, I just think you need to use more commonsense when picking the passengers.

And people, having a pat down protest? All you are doing is creating even more traffic during a busy travel time. I understand your frustration but you will further frustrate your fellow man by being in THE WAY. Get your message across just get out of the way.

No matter what your opinion on this do have a choice. You can choose not to fly. Amtrak and Greyhound will gladly take your money. Not down with them? There's always the option to drive. Over the hills and through the woods to grandmother's house you go...

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