Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashionable Friday and Other Things

Nope, you didn't miss it. Miss what? Why my weekly bump update, of course. I've been traveling this week and between that and feeling like a sloth, things can sure pile up. But I did manage to get a picture on week 25 day 5. So here it is:

Dear baby girl,

Yes, you've moved up in the weekly updates. I can't call you a bump any longer, as I know you are growing very fast and packing on the weight. And along with all that growth? Well, mommy is moving slow and feeling like a sloth. I have to really push myself to get up and go. Or go, go, go as Spencer would say.

Lately he has really taken to giving you kisses and hugs. It really is very sweet and I only hope they continue when he realizes that you will require a lot of the time he use to occupy. I worry about that a lot. Of course everyone says he will adjust and I know he will...eventually. But I still worry.

I have only one request...can you do something about the heartburn? Especially at night? Can you talk to someone in my belly and let them know I will gladly take the heartburn, just not at night! I need my beauty sleep.

Time is flying by...soon enough I will be looking into your tiny face and trying to figure out if you look like me or daddy. Amazing.



And now onto Fashionable Friday.

Going along with my Monday musing, I am going to talk about travel fashion! That's right, there is such a thing, so sit back and make sure your trays are in their upright and locked position.

When I was in college I use to fly looking pretty bum like. I flew wearing what I found comfortable. I wasn't really worried about impressing anyone and I didn't pack light. I was one of those annoying people with a bag overstuffed that they can't even lift!

I'm not sure when that changed but I do remember my college crush dropping me off at the airport and commenting on how rough I looked. I don't remember the exact comment (he probably does) but it was something about how I should care because I never knew who I could/would meet. Talk about blow to the ego, no wonder we never dated.

Anyway, that probably marked a change in the way I started dressing to fly. Back in the day passengers use to dress up to fly. Men wore suits and women wore their Sunday best. It was a big deal to be able to afford a ticket and fly across several states in a few hours. We've forgotten this and it's time we remembered.

This is not to say that you can't be comfortable when you fly, you can. Let's just stay away from things like jeans with holes, shoes that look like they've been through a meat grinder and tops that leave nothing to the imagination.

Speaking of shoes, they come off at security so you best bet is something that you can slip on and off. I've done the high boots or shoes with laces and it's just a big hassle. If you must wear them, stick them in a bag, wear your slip-ons and then throw the slip-ons in your purse.

The other item that I never leave home without when flying? A pashmina shawl. I use it as a scarf and can also use it as a blanket or nursing cover. If you come to Atlanta there is a placed called Bijoux Turner that sells them in every color imaginable for 10$. No, they are thick but they get the job done, trust me!

Stay away from too many accessories, as you never know what will set off an alarm at security. One place it may be your bracelet, another the wires in your bra. If you want to save the embarrassment for a thorough pat down, less is more when traveling.

And while we are talking about less being more, let's talk about those carry on's! Yes, I know all the airlines are now charging to check bags and it sucks. But people, if you can't LIFT it safely and without help, then it's too full! I know a lot of you are thinking if it's too big, they will check it at the gate. And you are right, they will and for free. But trust me, it's only a matter of time before the airlines figure a way to get you there too. So be smart, check your bag and only take you essentials with you.

As a mom, I am bogged down when we fly and I check a bag. A bag that has both my and Spencer's clothing and shoes. My carry on is a backpack with my laptop and his treats and diapers and my purse items. I try to fit as much as I can in the checked bag because chasing a toddler through the terminal with more than a backpack is just punishing myself.

So there you have it...take pride in what you travel in, travel light and finally...enjoy your destination!

Need more tips? Want more advice? Shoot me an email, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the travel industry.

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