Wednesday, November 3, 2010

22 weeks 4 days

Dear Bump,

Whoa, where did that belly come from? What are you eating in there?? I don't remember really thinking I was big until we got to the last two months. But now? Yep, anytime I see you in the mirror I am shocked. I especially love the way you hang over the lip of my leggings. Guess it's too late to tone. Oh well!

This week you introduced me to braxton hicks. I can safely say I was okay not meeting him. I didn't get/feel them with your brother but then again I was able to take it easy. Now your brother keeps me on my toys and I don't have much downtime. Hope this won't effect you too much.

I found the cutest little slippers for you at the Gap. They are silver with star on them and while I am not fond of the whole newborns in shoes, I could not resist. Shopping for you is so easy, where it was harder for your brother. The clothes for girls are just saw adorable. I look forward to dressing you and your brother in similar colors for pictures.


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