Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashionable Friday: Accessories

Sometimes the smallest item can make all the difference in an outfit and how you feel. Everyone wants to look good and at the same time be fashion forward but you want to do it and still be true to you. Today I'm talking about accessories!

Trends come and go and if you have unlimited funds, it can be fun to keep up with trendy accessories. If you're more like the rest of us, you have to pick and choose the trends that work for you. Just because stiletto's are hot, doesn't mean you should force yourself to wear them. Crazy prints might be the rage but might not work for your body type. It is okay to pick and choose what you like and what you can afford and run with it.

As much as I like trends and the way celebrities are put together by their stylist, I still stick true to what looks good on me and what works for me. I have lots of cute earrings but always fall back to the same 3 pairs. And yet when earrings like those in the picture show up on TV via awards shows or television shows, I love them. If you can rock the bold earring, I say go for it! This same thing can be said for bracelets and necklaces. You can be as funky or conservative as you want. Jewelry is a great way to be a little pick me up that didn't cost a lot but makes you feel like you put a bit of effort into your outfit.

Another accessory that people tend to forget about is the belt. About two years ago the thin belt was in and saw where some stylist said a belt was a good way to give your body some shape. I was feeling a bit conscientious about my body and thought maybe a belt was what I needed to reinforce that I was not as big as I saw myself. Truth be told? I hated the belts I bought. They rode up if I put my arms up and I was constantly pulling my shirt down so the belt hit the right spot. Within the last year or so the corset belt has been big but even though I was at my lowest weight in about 10 years, I didn't attempt it. I do say this though...if you can't wear belts on the outside please be sure you are wearing them. It is not attractive to see a woman hiking her pants because they are too big. Belt loops are there for a reason!

I wear my sunglasses at night. Okay, not really. But sunglasses and even eyeglasses can be an integral part of your wardrobe. Besides the fact that sunglasses protect your eyes and skin eye area from the harsh rays of sun, they can sharpen up a look. Or hide you from a bad face day. (We've all had them, don't deny it!) But the thing about glasses is that not all glasses look good on all faces. Take the time to try on different style frames, colors and sizes, you can find something in every price point when it comes to glasses. Or you can hit Chinatown in NYC and find a knockoff pair. I mean, everyone looks good in a BIG pair of Chanel glasses. As for me? I'll stick to my Gucci's. They haven't let me down yet!

One of my most favorite accessories is a hat. I don't really recall wearing a lot of hats as a child but I remember trying them on when we went to stores. Once I got to college I lived in ball caps. I wore them to class, I wore them to go out drinking. I had a ton of caps, baseball teams, hockey teams, my college. They were conversation starters and it helped if I actually knew something about the team I was freely promoting.

As I transitioned out of college and into the real world, ball caps just didn't cut it and so began my obsession with hats that could go with actual outfits. A good hat can really make quite a cute fashion statement as well as hide a bad hair day. Just like everything else, not all hats are made for all heads. It's wise to try on and make sure you hair is styled the way you normally wear it. I hardly ever wear a hat when my hair is in its curly state, so I make sure when I try one on my hair is straightened. It makes a big difference on how the hat fits and how it looks. Perusing the internet I found this great article: (via Life&Style, circa 10/07)
Don't be afraid to hat it up and add some pizazz to your look. It really can be pull together an outfit and be fun at the same time.

Lastly, the accessory that is really a necessity for any woman...the purse. Or handbag. Or pocketbook. Whatever you call it, we all use them for one thing or another. Before I got really into designer bags, I loved matching my bag with my outfit. Not quite like this, Even this is too anal for me but I liked having my purse match a color in my shirt or hat or shoe. But then the designer bag bug hit and matching wasn't so important. What is important? That your purse does what YOU need it to do. And watch for proportion. I'm 5'2 and when the HUGE bags were all the rage, I just couldn't do it. The swallowed me and I looked like I was going on a trip instead of to the store. And whatever you do, once your purse begins to show signs of wear and tear? It's time for a new one! Toting around a ragged bag isn't fashion forward, it makes you look sloppy.

So there you have it, the accessories I use either as a pick me up or to complete an outfit. I know I missed a few (scarves, rings, headbands) if you have any suggestions about them, please leave them in the comments. Also I'd love to hear about how you wear your fave accessories!

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  1. i just recently started wearing bracelets. my idea is that they will distract the eye from my post partum pooch? hahaha!!


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