Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Ought to be in Pictures

Back in October my husband surprised me with an SLR camera. We had been discussing getting one and I said something along the lines of "if I had one, we would never have to visit a photography studio to keep up with professional pictures." Never mind that taking a family portrait is actually a ton more work than I have the patience for or that the pictures I take are far from professional. It sounded good, so I went with it. And he did good and bought me a Canon digital SLR.

I have taken a ton of pictures and many of them I have posted here, more to showcase my handsome boy rather than any skills I might think are budding. It's fun to take pictures and captures moments and expressions that are fleeting as the boy grows older and bigger. I have thought about getting into photography a bit more seriously but have no clue where to start. Maybe I should start with learning every function of my camera?

When I have the camera out, trying to get Spencer to pose is a joke. He looks every which way but the direction I want and spends more time trying to touch the camera than pose for it. That being said I usually just snap as many pictures as I can in a row and figure at least one of them has to come out good, right? Here is a picture where I did just that:

I obviously added the framing and messed with the coloring but the actual photo was all me. Something about it just makes me smile. I love when I get one like this in a bunch of shots.

I think if I get a zoom lens I will be able to capture more moments and be less intrusive. Something about a camera gets kids to act so different.


  1. Ohhh so cute. You need to give yourself more credit. THis is a great pic!!

  2. Oh my gosh! that is a WONDERFUL picture! What a sweet, cute, adorable little boy. Such a tender look on his face but yet you know there's mischief behind those eyes!

  3. CUTE Picture! you just made me want to go out and buy a nice new camera!


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