Saturday, June 5, 2010

You Spin Me Round

Remember how I said we had purchased a membership to the local zoo? Yes, well that was $79 well spent and has already paid for itself in under a month! We have been going once a week and I'm not tired of it yet and neither is Spencer. I think what I like most is that I don't feel like we have to spend the whole day there or see everything. We can take our time and linger and just enjoy our visit and then go home.

I thought seeing the animals would be his most favorite thing...I mean the boy loves to "roar" like a lion, bear, or tiger. The picture book with an elephant? Yeah, I have to point out its trunk about 20 times before he is satisfied that I am correct. So I really believed that he would be enthralled by the elephant, lion or bears. But no his most favorite thing? It's the carousel. I don't blame him! Where else can you actually ride an elephant, tiger or bear?

The zoo also has a nice playground area where he can run around and climb and interact with kids both smaller and bigger. This time he watched a boy about school age swing out of the back of the pretend school bus. Guess who attempted to copy that move?

Watching him these last few weeks has really made it evident that is growing up so fast! I find myself loving the hugs and laughter even more and hanging on tighter. It will be a sad day when he no longer finds it cool to hang with his mommy.


  1. Love the pics!!! What a cutie pie!

    That is TJ's favorite part of the zoo too! We went several times last year and I totally should have bought a membership! This year, we've only been once since Ive been so ginormous and could barely walk two feet without losing my breath. Hopefully daddy will take her several times this summer. I dont know who enjoys the zoo more... me or her!!

  2. The girls and I were just there... last Sunday? They love it. The red panda and the lemurs are their favorites.

    And my 7-year-old LOVES the play ground... she'd be happy if we just stayed there for hours.


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