Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's a Zoo Out There

Last week we decided it was going to be perfect weather to take Spencer to the zoo. In other words no humidity and temps in the 80's. I hoped that after seeing animals in books and on TV, he would be amazed by the zoo. By the time we got there...he was asleep:

I figured when he woke and realized where he was...he'd really be amazed. When he woke he sort of looked around as if to ask "where are we? And why is everyone looking at me like that?" I have to admit, when he gets a good nap he wakes in an awesome mood. He is all smiles and laughter. While his nap wasn't as long as usual, he did wake up in a decent mood. We hurried over to the panda exhibit as one of his favorite words to say is bear. As it was just after lunch many of the animals were all taking naps and quite lethargic. The panda lay behind the Plexiglas asleep, moving only to scratch himself. But Spencer knew what he was and looked at him with amazement:

Ok, so you can't see his amazement. But trust me, the look is there. This trip to the zoo was mainly me getting shots of him looking out towards the animals. It is actually quite hard to get a good picture and be able to see his first time expressions. I think as he gets bigger and we don't have to hold him or point out the animals it may get easier. Here are some shots from our outing:

The hit of the zoo was not an animal at all though, Spencer was most intrigued by a metal plate that he could jump on and it made a rattling noise. He made his Granny take him to it several times so he could make noise. Here she is leading him away:

And a few more from the rest of the afternoon:

We went ahead and bought a pass for the year or as ZooAtlanta likes to call it, membership. I figure on days I am bored I can pack up the boy and we can walk around the zoo. There are a lot of trees making it ideal real estate for walking. Yay for the zoo!

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  1. We LOVE our Zoo pass! My in-laws get it for us as a gift every year and we really do use it. That way, you don't have to feel rushed to see everything to make the trip worth it. If we go to the zoo 4 times a year, the pass pays for itself. Plus the kids love it!


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