Monday, May 10, 2010

Fashion Talk: Post Two

First I have to CMA, this picture was taken straight out of my email today and as I perused it, I just knew it would make a great blog post. The email came from Who What Wear and the pictures of the celebs are from the following places: Photo of Claudia Schiffer, from WENN; Photos of Nicole Richie, Isla Fisher, Victoria Beckham, from X17; Photo of Gwen Stefani, from PCN; Photo of Jessica Alba, from Splash.Does that make it clear that I don't OWN the pictures or the way they are formatted??Ok, good.

When I saw the email I had to laugh because it was titled Stylish Moms and I knew they were going to show celeb mom's who always look good, no matter how many children they are toting around! Hello, I have yet to see Angelina Jolie look haggard and she has like, 20 kids or something, doesn't she?

Ok, now take a look at the picture. Go ahead, I'll give you a moment to really look at it. Notice anything? No? Yes, well I did. First the most obvious...glasses. Every mom has on a nice dark pair of shades! That is number one that I am doing wrong cause when I leave the house I usually am trying to make sure the dog door is undone and the dog has a treat. I am also trying to keep the Boy from flipping the dog's water bowl all the while making sure I have my purse and keys. All this while sweating, so yeah, glasses are the last thing I am thinking about.

Let's move on...all these mom's look like the actually had time to put their outfits together, shower AND put on makeup. Sweet, I'm lucky if I manage my moisturizer with tint, much less a face full of makeup. Maybe that's where a nanny comes in? Nope, don't have one of those either. So I slap on some facial lotion, deodorant and curl my lashes and maybe manage gloss as the Boy tries to catch his fingers or head into the cabinet. Or better yet falls in and out of the tub. Yeah, it is quite amusing to hear a thud as you're trying to make your face presentable and turn to see a toddler grinning from ear to ear cause he's learned to climb into the tub and back out.

And finally, the outfits. Ooo, ahhh, their coordinated and cute and stylish. I love looking cute and most times the outfits in my head just beg to be worn! But where I'm going there is no need to look cute and let's face it, cute does not help when you are schleping a toddler around who runs as soon as put him down. Cute doesn't help when suddenly this same toddler has a fit and wants to nurse. I gave up on cute the first few months when I would go out and realize my cute outfit also had spit up on it. Or poop. Or both.

I love being fashionable and looking good when I leave the house...I just haven't mastered doing that and having a toddler too. Instead I look for the shorts with the most pockets and the shirt that will give the most in case I need to nurse.

I did discover something that helps with looking like you know what you're doing, even when you don't. A good haircut and highlight. I got both recently and because my hair looks so fabulous you almost miss the poop on the shirt...almost.

Next fashion post will be about why fashion is not a luxury.

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  1. i just have to say that whenever i see a mom at a park or a playdate looking too cutsie poo, i totally want to barf. partially because i am jealous, but really... what's the point?


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