Friday, April 30, 2010

10 Things

So everyday I think about updating the blog and at random times of the day, when the boy isn't hanging from my leg or signing me the milk sign I actually have what I think are great ideas for a post. And then when I actually have a moment I spend it vegging out on Facebook. Or doing flyby's of my favorite blog friends, so imagine my glee when I saw that I had been tagged. Most days I would groan but this gets me out of trying to remember the 50 ideas I had all week and making them into a coherent post.

So the rules of honest scrap are to tell you all 10 things about me that you may not know...should be fun or scary, here we go:

1. I enjoy texting and emailing rather than talking over the phone. I think it's because most of the time a text or an email can be short and sweet and a phone call can take too much time. Plus, I'm a pretty boring person so I don't have much to say when someone does call me!

2. I use to be able to roller blade pretty decently. In college my friends and I would roller blade all over Boston. Now? I can't make it off of our driveway. I'm too scared I am going to fall and break something. Call me chicken...

3. When meeting people I appear witty, calm and friendly. After? I over analyze everything I did and wonder if I came across too loud, too quiet, too silly, too dumb. I think about it so much that it can keep me up at night.

4. I want to be a writer and every day, ideas for short stories and novels swim around and I say I am going to write and don't. Years ago I use to write every day and dreamed about publishing a novel. Those that don't publish, read. A lot.

5. I love pizza. To the point that if I could eat it every single day, I would.

6. I suffer from a mild case of acrophobia. Don't know what that is? Look it up.

7. Stealing this one from the mommy that tagged me: I don't shower every day. Trust me, when the little one finally gets to sleep and Hubby is away for 3 or 4 nights, the last thing I am worried about is a shower. I am instead inclined to sit with my laptop and the surrounding peace and quiet.

8. I was born in New York but moved to Florida when I was nine. I only have a NY accent when I get mad and loud. Or so says the husband.

9. I write with my left-hand. But can do other things with both, like cut paper.

10. This was harder than I thought it would be...could that be because I wasn't sure how honest I wanted to be?

The honest scrap ends with me...anyone who wants to do this at their blog is most welcome to do it and link back to me or not.


  1. I loved your HONEST SCRAP! It was great! Shower...hmmm I have to look that up because that is the one word that I do not know the meaning of anymore..LOL

    Hope all is going well. I have been solo MOM for a few weeks now.

  2. I love reading posts like this! I also dream of being a writer. I hope someday I can do it... and sooner rather than later. I would love to write a book, have it be wildly successful so I can quit my job, go on a book tour, sell the movie rights, and retire to someplace sunny. It could happen! Really like the blog re-design. CUTE! Hope all is well!


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