Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update, Update!

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I last updated! The weeks just begin to blur one into another and what seems like just a few days ago was actually weeks ago. Oops..

So let's see what we have been up to since Spencer had fun times at the pool with his Daddy. We have an active 7 almost 8 month old who refused to be still unless he is asleep. We also have a little boy who can throw a tantrum with the best of them when he is not getting his way. We are still in the process of getting him hooked on his baby foods and for the most part he cooperates but what he would rather have is OUR food. I've had to trick him a time or two and use our silverware in order to get him to think he was enjoying what we were. I can be so crafty.

We still have not mastered getting him to sleep in his own bed. This is all my fault as I just can't stand to here him cry. But lately my back has been aching so him crying it out is going to be the lesser of two evils eventually. But I do enjoy when he snuggles in close to me to sleep and wakes up with his toothless grin staring at me.

We think Spencer will be walking in the next few months, as he pulls up on EVERYTHING and is not afraid to let go. He may plop down on his butt after letting go, but he gets right back up and tries again. He has figured out though that if he sees something he wants (dirty shoe, dogs tail) it is much faster to crawl than attempt to walk. We have one smart little cookie.

And now for some pictures. We spent some time at the beach this past month where Spencer got to show off his Superman suit and dig his tiny toes in the sand:

We also had some sadness, as Spencer lost his great granny Margaret this month. I know she is in a better place and am so happy she was able to see our pride and joy. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

A trip to NC also means that Spencer gets to see his Daddy's huge family and spend time with his granny and pop-pop and aunties and uncle. He was lucky enough to get his very own 4-wheeler this visit. Who said he was going to be spoiled??

But in true baby form, he was more excited by things like a box and a basket of potatoes than the actual toys he received. Should make for an easy Christmas for him!

We could not leave without getting a picture of my favorite person on one of my most favorite things. Pop-pop grew this in his garden without even trying.

I love pumpkins and fall! Happy Autumn to all from our family to yours.


  1. wow, he is so adorable!!!

    i am so sorry you guys lost a granny :(

    our baby slept in our room until she was 8 months, so i know how you feel! we still take naps together though!!

    i just have to say again, spencer is such a cutie pie!!!!

  2. Wow YOU guys have had some great fun! LOVE those pumpkins! He is getting big! He is adorable!

  3. Great pics! Glad you updated. I've been hoping you were going to post more pics - love 'em!!

  4. I love the feet picture, what a great idea. I can't believe how old Spencer is already, seems like just 2 months ago that he was born. He is so very adorable!


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