Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Crawl?

I really thought Spencer would possibly be crawling by now, though I know for me it will mean trouble as I will no longer be able to just put him down and leave him for just a second. Imagine my surprise as he has thumbed his nose at crawling and instead began pulling up in the crib and now on anything or anyone he can get his hands on! But even better (not for me!) is that he has no fear and will let go in order to stand on his own!! Yes, I think I may have a walker before he crawls even a little! Here's a little video of him in action. And yes, you can hear the shock and awe in my voice!

Amazing, isn't it?


  1. Wow, he is a strong boy! What I love most is how he right away wants to keep on trying after he hears your initial reaction. So adorable!

  2. That is one strong (and cute) baby you have there! You're going to have your hands full ;)

  3. truly amazing!!!! He is certainly not afraid of falling cuz he gets back up for more

  4. How cute!! Aren't the little milestones so exciting and fun!? Enjoy every minute!


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