Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Post Where I Rant.

Ok, can I rant a moment? Sure I can, cause it's my blog, right? Here I go:

What gives with infants clothing? The sizing is all over the place with them, depending on the manufacturer. Or maybe it depends on the COUNTRY it was manufactured in? All I know is Spencer is 4 month and 10 days, weighs 16 pounds and 5 ounces and is 25 and 1/4 inches long...he is wearing anything from 6 months to 12 months. Yes, you saw that right..12 months! I pulled out this onesie, which is by Osh Kosh Bgosh this morning just to try it...and low and behold, it fit! Not big, but perfectly, with room for his diaper to expand once he pees. Then I have some items that are designer (Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Juicy) and they are marked 9 months...and guess what? They are almost too small! If I had waited another month or two to have him wear them, he would not have fit in the clothing. That's not just a little difference, that's a HUGE difference! This is worse than me going to look for jeans and there being a difference. I mean usually I go up one size or on a good day, down. But never several sizes in either direction. I guess I have to pick a brand and stick to it? Cause trying clothes on an infant does not seem like loads of fun!

My second rant is about loss of hair. When I got pregnant my awesome stylist Brenda warned me about loss of hair. My hair has really enjoyed the preggo hormones and to me looks the best it has in quite a while. I was able to grow all the color out of it and stopped chemically straightening it. I was keeping it on a 6 week trim cycle and it was fabulous. But then I got the impending hair loss warning and I shrugged it off. I mean I am one that loses a lot of hair on a daily basis anyway. I mean I have a lot of hair and when I comb it, a lot comes out, so her warning was no biggie to me. Fast forward to almost 3 months after Spencer arrives and my hair starts falling out. And not just a little but a lot and everywhere. I feel like a dog shedding a winter coat! The first time I ran a comb through my hair in the shower I about screamed...the comb looked like it had taken off all the hair on the back of my head! Washing the hair off the comb STOPPED UP the DRAIN! Talk about disgusting, there was no warning about THIS amount of hair being lost. And did I mention it is everywhere? On my clothes, the floor, the bed...drives me crazy! But the best part? I now have two almost bald patches at my temple. How about that for a sexy momma boost? *roll eyes* I wear my hair in a ponytail a lot...the bald patches? Not so hot looking. And when I tell people about this, everyone looks at me like I'm nuts! Why? Cause no one I know lost their hair! Say it with me...gggrrreeat.

Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now and take my hair with me...


  1. I have found that the uppity designer brands tend to run very small. It's so annoying. After figuring this out, I tend to only shop in certain stores... JCP, Sears, and Kohl's. The sizes tend to be the most accurate with the brands they carry.

    As for the hair, my second pregnancy was worst than the first. I have thin hair as it is, so you can imagine the shock when the hair loss was more than I expected. Now, I have new hair growth coming in, and up until about a month ago, it stuck straight up on the front part of my hairline because it was too short to lay down on my head. I had to try to flat iron it down, it was a royal pain the butt!

  2. Its just like designer clothes for adults - I wear about two sizes up from what I would wear in Old Navy or Target!

  3. I lost my hair in clumps about 6 months post partum and had to tell myself every single day that it was normal...despite feeling quite the contrary.

    Here I am 18 months post partum (does that even count?) and after spending 3 months with nice full hair for some odd reason, I'm going through the hair loss again. Only this time without the calm assurance that it's only due to being post-partum.

    I think hormones should get voted off our hair island!

  4. Hang in there with the hair loss. It will slow down eventually.

    As for the clothing sizes, it is frustrating. I found that Carters clothes fit my little guy best for the actual size he was... and still do. (when he was six months... he wore size 6 months. He's 4 and wears a size 4T now, etc.) Just wait till he's bigger and you need a pair of pants, and all they have is khaki pants or jeans. Talk about frustrating!!!! One color of dress pants for boys, but 400 dresses for little girls. It's not fair! Okay. Now I'm ranting. Enough!

  5. Just found what you were saying about kids clothes to be TOTALLY true - Landon cant fit into 0-3 month Gerber clothes. I dont even think he can fit into 3-6 month Gerbers either! Sigh. . . its so frustrating to put them on him only to have to take them off again. . . .


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