Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Three Months

Today Spencer turns 3 months old and we've survived. I'd say it went fast, but who am I kidding, when you're tired and covered in spit time moves very slowly. But Spence is growing like a weed,is healthy and that is all that matters.

In three months Spencer has accomplished a lot, from smiling at us when he sees us to blowing bubbles. Blowing bubbles is currently his favorite past time, he can go through several bibs and washcloths. He also has learned that blowing bubbles does not have to be silent fun! Pair it with some noise and voila, all day fun!

I have to admit that while it is fun to track his milestones and all that he is accomplishing we need to take a moment to see what it is WE, as parents have learned. I cornered the husband and this is a list of what we have learned in 3 months:

- Even on no sleep, life goes on.
- Baby poop does smell.
- Spit and throw up goes with everything.
- Dealing with insurance is a PITA.
- It's no longer about us, but about him.
- A bad day can turn good with just a smile and a coo.
- Raising a baby is not for the faint at heart.
- You never knew a camera could take so many pictures.
- Being away from home was bad, but it's worse now. (this is Hubby's biggest lesson)
- You can do things with one hand or arm...amazing!
- Relationships are changed forever.
- Diapers are expensive; coupons are your best friend.
- There is never such a thing as too many baby outfits!
- Schedules are based on nap and feeding times.
- Schedules are now a fantasy.
- The dog that was king, is now stupid because he may wake the baby w/ his barking.
- A cavalier attitude doesn't cut it any more.
- There is no room for laziness once a baby is involved.
- Someone will always tell you how to raise your baby...w/o being asked.
- Grandparents are for spoiling.
- Being called Spencer's mommy or daddy brings a smile to your lips.

And finally the biggest lesson we have learned? That being a parent is the most rewarding yet challenging job either of us will ever have and we wouldn't change it for a thing. Ok...maybe I would change it for more sleep...


  1. LOL

    Such a cute post and fun update!

  2. That covers alland it is so fun to spoil when baby is so sweet!granny from North Carolina


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