Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In my mind.

The other day I was getting ready for a shower and was standing there in front of the mirror just staring at my belly. I looked at it from several angles, when Hubby caught me and just smiled. He said something about "wasn't it cool" and I shook my head and replied with "sure, especially since you don't have to carry it around." He empathized with me and then we both just went back to looking at the belly.

It's so round and looking at it I can't help but think about a time when having a child wasn't on my mind. Sure as a female we are told to think about the future and the inevitable steps we must take to get the husband and then the family, I had just never really thought about pregnancy. Sure I would see pregnant women (hello, my mom has given birth 4 times), I never really thought about ME being pregnant and how I would change and how my body would change. And how I would actually enjoy it. I love just rubbing my belly and whispering to the baby. I love having a place to rest my hands while I lounge on the couch. I especially love the leftover crumbs that gather there after eating. I mean a snack for later is NEVER a bad thing. Ok, so maybe I'm kidding about that last part... I also enjoy watching my stomach quiver when he hiccups or gets into his dancing mood and rolls around and I can see my skin moving as he moves.

And as this happens, I wonder what he will be like and what I will be like as parents. Will we be able to teach him all the things we find important and will he let us? Will he understand how I love him unconditionally, even if he is doing something wrong? Will he grow into an adult that is admired and will he thank us for that? Is it wrong to want him to stay put for as long as possible so we can protect him from this big, bad world? These...these are the thoughts in my mind.


  1. All normal thoughts Mama!

    My little one always had the hiccups at the same time in my belly. When he was born, he continued to get the hiccups at the same time. It was so cute!

  2. Just keep in mind that they grow up too fast. And if you do the right thing, everything will turn out fine!

  3. I remember after delivering the baby, watching the baby move and things they did with their hands and feet and I could envision them doing those same things inside me. It was cool.

  4. Normal worries that all moms have-even after the babies are born! Don't even get me started on the teen years!

  5. Wonderful thoughts that I think all moms have when they contemplate the enormous responsibility. But you're never alone in carrying that responsibility! Just remember your role as parents and I think all will go well. This is so exciting!

  6. Yes to what everyone said! You will be a great mom. And these are normal thoughts as you prepare. :)

  7. Those are definitely normal feelings for a mom-to-be. I'm such a worry wort, so I've had to step back and just take one day at a time (and try to ignore the problems of other parents) so that I don't feel overwhelmed. A bonus with doing this is being able to enjoy each day of your pregnancy and your child's life, because it truly does go by so fast.

    I always daydreamed about being pregnant, even as a little girl. I don't really remember having dreams of my wedding day (except when I got to try on my mom's old dress), but I always remember being a little kid and sticking a pillow under my shirt to imagine what being a pregnant mom would feel like.


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