Monday, October 20, 2008

Pot Pourri

So it’s been awhile since I actually had an honest to goodness post that didn’t have a picture. I’ve been slacking, mostly because things here in preggo-land have been going smoothly. I guess I could not ask for a better pregnancy!

I celebrated my 34th birthday last week and was thinking about when I was a child and being in your 20's seemed old! The 20’s were fun but I have to think my 30’s will be even better, especially since I will be chasing after a child or two. And don’t they say that children keep you young? Or was that they age you really fast? My birthday was low key and quiet, which I enjoyed. I went and had my hair cut and styled and it was the first time my stylist had seen me since getting pregnant. She was so ecstatic…I liked having everyone turn to see what she was fussing about…I felt pretty darn special. And I looked special too, as she always manages to rock out my hair and leaving me looking like a diva. Thanks Brenda!!

As soon as we found out that we were definitely having a boy the top 2 questions we get asked is our nursery theme and if we’ve decided on a name! I can only say that our name list was cut in half and that Hubby and I are still throwing around ideas. And when we finally do get down to THE one, we simply won’t be sharing. We discussed sharing and thought it was nice to have something that was our own to know and admire and we will happily share it on the delivery day. From what I can tell most people feel they have a right to butt in on any name you choose and I think this will keep me from getting rattled or irritated with opinions. In the end the ONLY opinion that matters is our own and I know we will be happy with whatever we choose.

As for a nursery theme, I’ve seen a lot of cute themes but found myself just attracted more to colors than an actual theme. The colors will pretty much look like our blog, blue, white and mocha. Hubby will be putting up some wainscoting in white and I have to find the perfect color of mocha to place on the wall portion above. I believe we have finally found a crib set that we like and need to get around to ordering the crib and a few matching items. Most of the accessories will be in babyCarolina blue. I figure as he gets older we can do an actual theme around things he actually likes. Of course we hope he will love planes, but there is no way to guarantee that, is there?

Had my first pregnancy scare last week! I am use to feeling baby move quite often through the day and I went through one day were I hadn’t felt anything and by the end of the day I was lying in bed in tears about it all. I had a stethoscope and was poking my belly and got nothing. Hubby got the headset and began playing music and still nothing. I didn’t know what to do and so the next morning we thought about heading over to my clinic to see if they could just let me listen to the baby’s heartbeat. I was torn at what to do because part of me felt so silly and the other part was on the verge of totally losing it. It was after reading some thoughtful post for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I should have known better but thought women were so brave to put their loss out there I had to read and offer my condolences. One post in particular struck me, thus leading to my worry for the day. So before we headed to the clinic, we decided to try music once more. I jostled my belly and spoke to baby and then we played some Elvis Presley…which got him moving. The grin on my face could not have been bigger as I felt my little one poke and prod, actually following the music as we moved it around my belly. It was such a relief. And then Patty let me know it was normal to feel movement and then if I wasn’t lounging around all day, not feel any. Well duh, right? That makes a lot of sense because I hadn’t worked the whole day before and so didn’t have my usual 5 hours on my butt in a chair! I was relieved and even more relieved when later in the day baby gave me three swift, hard kicks! Guess it’s safe to say he already doesn’t like shopping!

So that’s my update and I’m sticking to it. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and stay tuned...because I will return to posting with pictures soon!


  1. Awww... I love the preggy posts!!!

    Both my girls did the "i'm not gonna move for a while" scare thing, and BOTH of the then moved while I was sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office... goobers.

  2. I always loved being fussed over when I was pregnant. You get all kinds of attention without having to beg :)

    Is your husband a big Tarheels fan? If so, I have a cool idea for the nursery that's fun and easy. You draw a sports jersey (I'd suggest basketball for the Tarheels, though their success with football this year has left me speechless) and put the baby's name on the back with a favorite number. I helped make one for the boy I babysit, and it turned out really cute.

  3. As you know from my blog, I had a loss, so the next pregnancy I was a total FREAK about being able to feel something. I would eat a Reece's PB cup and drink orange juice or a sugary drink which would jostle her around! I also went to the Dr.'s office on many occasions to just listen to her heart and the doctor and nurses seem to totally understand. I actually wanted to invest in one of those heart monitors for home, but my doctor said not to.
    So next time, just try something sugary to jolt the baby in gear! LOL

  4. u poor thing...that is soooo scary. my last pregnancy was a very high risk and had to be on the 'monitor' every other day...and when they couldn't get her heart beat to change, i always got scared. and...i think you should birth to hound dog...why not??

  5. So sorry you had yourself a little scare. With my 3rd, THIRD, I did the same thing. I have to laugh now because it was after a night of, ummm...lovin' and I thought we smooshed the baby! I went to the Dr. and all was fine.

    Like Annikke said, drink/eat something sugary and move. That should do it!

  6. Having a scare like that sucks! I thought I would relax once she was born, HA! It's all good though, its just because you love them so so much!

    I WISH we would have kept the name we picked for our baby to ourselves. It was shocking how many people felt like they could critique our choice! Next time...

  7. People always think they get to have an opinion in your baby name. We kept the gender a surprise (even from ourselves) so whenever anyone asked about names, I'd throw up my hands and tell them that every time we think about it, we get confused so we're just waiting for the big day. Well, we really did actually wait until we saw him until we picked out a name. Turns out that the name we thought we'd choose, just didn't "fit" our little guy.

    And those scares are so horrible! K-man scared me like that in the 8th month (I tried everything even sugar), and we went down to the emergency room at midnight because I couldn't take not knowing. I waddled in to the waiting room and a nurse said, "You! come here!" and I was like, "who, me?" And they got me right up to obstetrics and hooked me up...found him right away...he was just being lazy.

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  9. Oh, happy belated birthday Missy! Luv you!

    Auntie Heather


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