Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And the winner is...

Looks like the consensus says we should go with the hearty pine. But there are only two small problems with this, one being ME and the other being samples.

See, I am not the biggest fan of natural wood. There I said it. I love wood floors and love natural wood furniture in other people's homes, just not my own. When we got married and had to buy all new furniture I picked a yellow-y pine dining room set. The lines on it could be called country and for some reason I didn't think anything of this, which is weird cause I didn't have a country anything in my apartment before we married. If I remember correctly I liked the set cause the price was good and went from seating 4 to 6 with ease. So I picked it and it was done. Fast forward to 4 years later and me tired of the pine and the lines and wanting to do something, anything with the set. Namely get rid of it and get something new and fresh. Instead I opted to paint it white and reupholster the seat cushions and voila, who new dining room set.

But that is not going to be an option with the crib set, it's going to be all or nothing. And that is what worries me and leads me to problem number two. I've picked out a set that not only comes in crib styles but also bunkbeds, twin beds, armoires, dresses, etc. And did I mention there are 20 different colors you can get these items? And here is the biggest problem, none of the stores seem to carry the actual crib in the colors I need to see. I don't necessarily need to see the crib, but just a piece of actual furniture so I can gauge the true color and go from there, but no store seems to have anything in shell or hearty pine. If I wanted red, purple, blue, or pink, I'd be almost to decision. (Ha, right.) So now what? Do I call all the preferred retailers in my state? Do I just forgo this set and pick something else? Or do I declare hearty pine and winner and go forward? Decisions, decisions.

And now for something totally OFF TOPIC:
Anyone looking for a 2002 VW Cabrio? We have one for sale, as driving around kiddos in a convertible might be great for Britney Spears, but doesn't work for this mommy-to-be! If you know someone that might be interested, please send them my way.


  1. If you don't like natural wood stuff then I would go with the whiter of the two... I have no idea why... it just sounds good.

  2. Hmm. . . that is a dilemma!! You should do what I think we're gonna do - mix and match EVERYTHING! Nothing will match - but everything will 'go together', patched piece to piece from antique stores and thrift stores. The only thing I don't trust buying used is a crib, so that brings us back to your dilemma. . . .

  3. I hated the furniture shopping because I, too, could not decide. It frustrated me to no end. I finally gaveup and let my friend and my husband pick it! LOL. It wasn't my favorite and I certainly would not have chosen it, but oh well. We used for all 3 of the kids so I must have liked it at least a little!

  4. I'd call the company and see if they are able to send a small sample of the wood. If they're not, then I would go with the white. I know I said I'd have gone with the natural wood, but that's only because it is a little more masculine. I would've chosen white for my own nursery but my husband objected (so dark mocha red it was, even for a girl).

    An advantage for wood that I just thought of is teething. It won't show the marks as bad. From experience cribs like that are difficult to buy teethers for.

  5. I also liked the shell color. The white is just, too...girlish. That's just my opinion though! In NO WAY do I want to make this harder for you. LOL

    I can't wait until we start seeing pictures of the room. Exciting!!


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