Monday, September 1, 2008


Remember that toy? I believe it is still made today but I know if I go to my parent’s home and dig enough it’s probably in a closet with all the other stuffed toys that are no longer loved. But this isn’t a going to be a post about toys; (though I may have to file that topic away for a later date) no this post is going to be all about that pregnancy glow you hear so much about!

You hear about it in movies, books, from friends of friends that have pregnant friends…the glow. You’re pregnant and maybe after feeling sick for the first 3 months, you wake up and are glowing! Couple that with supposedly being hungry for sex and you’ve got a trimester that should have you adoring pregnancy and anything it can throw your way. Heck, you’ve all but forgotten how many times you bowed to the porcelain god or how a quick nap turned into sleeping for half the day. You’ve woken from the funk that is first trimester and into the feel good second trimester. Woo-hoo!

But wait one second, how can this be? This is also the trimester that you begin to pack on the pounds…so could it be the true glow is actually the glistening sweat that clings to your body as you begin hauling around a bigger belly and breast? Are we truly glowing? I look in the mirror and most days can’t see a difference. I really thought I would have the J-Lo glow. Don’t know what that is? Have you ever noticed that when J-Lo is out on the red carpet she always has that sun-kissed glow? I know, I know, it is all makeup and stylist but still, I expect to look in the mirror and swoon, cause I’m freaking glowing. The best look I get is not looking tired and bedraggled. I still have to put on some makeup and do my hair to even look halfway decent. Where is my glow!? My hair is growing, my skin is clear, why am I not glowing? Then I thought about friends I have been around and can’t recall them ever really glowing. Maybe I just was too self-absorbed to notice? Is this glow just a myth to make moms-to-be feel good about the expanding waist?

Don’t you know that Hubby came to the rescue! I was mumbling about the glow and wondered if it would take more time or maybe was skipping me, cause thoughts like that are always good for a laugh and he did what super husbands do and rescued me from my insecurity. He told me I was glowing, at least that what he thought it was because lately I’d been looking sexier than usual. He said he had caught himself staring at me more than usual because he suddenly felt more attracted to me. Wow, right? I mean seriously, he may be aware of pregnancy hormones but I know my husband, he’s sappy and romantic and all the things I want and more. For him to admit to this meant that even though I can’t see the glow, it’s there and I should rest easy. Will I ask him this question when I’ve packed on 30 pounds and feel like SeaWorld’s newest attraction? You bet your arse I will because at that point I’ll need every sincere and insincere comment about how great I look to make it through the end. I am a woman after all.


  1. Happy Labor Day to you, too! I finally got the slideshow to work, so please drop by!

  2. I always thought of "the glow" as that appearance of absolute bliss that shows up on a woman's face when the reality of her pregnancy and forthcoming parenthood sinks in with the enlargement of her belly & bosom :) If you really want to see it ... look in the mirror as you rub your belly and think of the baby in there ... I'm sure you'll see your own glow ;)

    BTW ... your hubby ... he's awesome - I know you know that ... but I had to say it :)

  3. I truly believed that I had "the glow" w/my first pregnancy. My good friend even said to me at one point "wow, you look really pretty with this pregnancy". Ummm, does that mean that I look like crap when I'm not pregnant?!?

    I didn't feel it or see it so much w/second pregnancy, but that was probably because I was too exhausted to notice.

  4. What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man!

    You glow girl!

  5. Don't remember the glow- but remember the sweet husby part, love it, and enjoy every minute of it! :)

  6. Husbands are so awesome that way, right!?!??!! Were you wearing those shoes when he said that? heeheehee...

  7. Such a good post. Everything you said is so true! And funny :) I didn't feel like I was glowing either...and my hair didn't shine and my skin didn't clear up...and my hubby was deployed for the middle you have a couple of things working in your favor!

  8. I never noticed "the glow", but I was told by others I had it.

    You have a very good man on your hands. Some guys get revolted by their pregnant wives. My husband was like yours; he thought I was sexier than ever. (Too bad for him I was one of the few women who have NO libido when pregnant.)

    Happy Labor Day!

  9. Glad you love my brother so much! you guys are great together! Seriously i heart glo worms.... baby must have.


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