Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yep, I am finally feeling Baby move.

Sadly though since he/she is so small Hubby can't feel him/her move...but it doesn't mean he doesn't try. This morning we were up early but decided to linger in bed a while and just cuddle. Hubby gently placed his hand on my ever expanding belly and we waited...and waited and waited. Suddenly I felt movement and excitely opened my eyes and whispered "Did you feel that?" His response was in the negative and we both just sighed. But I know when he finally can feel it, it will be mean some serious pokes, kicks and jabs for me!

I tried explaining what it feels like, as all the preggo sites talk about it feeling like popcorn popping. Which is strange, mostly because I'm not a kernel and don't really know what popcorn popping should feel like! The other description is butterflies in the stomach...this one I can relate to, as I just described the feeling as my heart getting caught in my throat just before a roller coaster takes the first plunge. Only it's the feeling is so fleeting. Yesterday at lunch Baby went crazy and I finally had to pat my belly and tell him/her to at least hold off until AFTER lunch. Talking to the belly is weird but so cool at the same time!

We've played music to the belly and the only song that got movement was something from Phantom of the Opera. What does this mean??

And I know a bunch of you asked...and yes, we will be sharing sex! Only two weeks to go until the truth is known, and I can't wait. For that matter, neither can Hubby!


  1. Apparently you have shared sex before... thus the whole point of the blog....

  2. I loved talking to the belly :) one of my favorite pass times when I was preggo ;)

    Can't wait to hear what color yarn I'm going to have to get ;)

  3. Such an exciting time,... I loved it when my babies danced in my belly... I listened to all sorts of music with mty babies.... Irish River dance kindda of music really got them going!

  4. is so very exciting to feel those little flutters!!!! I love it and will miss it the rest of MY life!!! My fav part was feeling those babies is so very amazing! OOO we use to have that little machine...called bebe sounds and we use to play all kinds of classical music! OOOOO SUCH a wonderful time FOR you guys! Thanks for allowing us to come along on YOUR JOURNEY!

  5. Wait until the baby hickups! I couldn't concentrate on anything else when mine would do that :)

  6. Update us when your Little Critter starts doing summersalts in utero. I remember that feeling--kinda made me seasick!

  7. I'm so excited for you! Those are some precious times when you can start to feel the first movements. I can remember the first time that other people could feel my baby move. It was like someone was gently poking a pencil eraser through my belly. My mom felt it and thought it was the cutest thing, but my dad wanted nothing to do with it.

    Speaking of shared sex...just wait till the baby lets him/herself known in THAT moment...

  8. Lizzy is so crazy! She made me spit out a little soda with her comment! LOL

    I remember the Toddler's hiccups while incubated. It was so cute because after we got home, he would get hiccups each night, right on cue. Same time!

    I can't wait to hear about your Hubby's reaction to the first time he feels it!

  9. That was the one thing I missed after baby was born, the movement!

  10. I loved feeling the baby move too. It seemed like foreeeeeever before my husband could feel her, but I still remember his face lighting up the first time he did feel her.

    Then it will get to a point where you can SEE the baby moving around. I would sit and stare at my belly for what seemed like hours. It was so fascinating.

    When the baby was small, I always felt like the movement felt like a giant worm wriggling and writhing around in there. Sounds creepy, but I mean it in the sweetest possible way!

  11. "...we will share sex..." Okay, I had to do a double take on that sentence before I realized what you were talking about. rofl.

    Don't worry, just a few more weeks and hubby will be able to feel baby all the time. And you'll be thinking "damn, what was I thinking when I wanted him to kick me harder in the ribs just so hubby could feel". haha.

    Glad you're finally feeling movement, it's the greatest thing ever, huh?

  12. Isn't that just the coolest! Pregnancy is so amazing. Enjoy it! Wait until you can tell elbows, knees, heels, and buns are bumping you from the inside out!


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