Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Photo Fiesta Finish - Family Fun

I thought I would follow the leader and this week partake in this Friday photo fiesta. Don't know what the heck I'm talking about? Head over to Candid Carrie and find out.

P.S. We are getting the logistics of getting to FL and NC in 4 days straight...but by Wednesday all family should be in the know!

This is my Mommy and Daddy! Or soon to be known as Abuela and Abuelo!

These are all my siblings (and me)! You would think I'd be set with sitters for life right? And only one uncle-to-be in the bunch!

These are Hubby's Mom and Pop. Hmmm..could they soon be known as Mom-mom and Pop-pop?
This is us with Hubby's sister, she's studying to be a nurse and I know she will be great!

This is Hubby's brother and his fiancee and step-son to be.

So there you are, a look at our big family...can you see why we waited to tell? So many members, so little time.


  1. Have you told yet?!?! What happened? Please spill the long as you're not throwing up the beans!

  2. Wow Congrats! You do have a very BIG family!

    Shelle (BlokThoughts)

  3. What a wonderful lookin family you have! Your baby will be very lucky~!

  4. Your little one is going to be so lucky to have so many people to love him or her...:-)

  5. I love family. You're so fortunate to have a big one.

  6. Like you, I have lots of siblings (4 to be exact). And not one damn dependable sitter in the bunch. I'm hoping you get better luck than I have. lmao. Can't wait to hear about the reactions when you spill the beans.

  7. The smiles on all of their faces is about to get bigger!


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