Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nothing to do about pregnancy or And the winner is...

Hopefully me, but time will tell. Being new to this blog stuff I am beginning to see a trend...people like contest. Ok, not really the contest, but the free stuff that gets given away. I imagine everyone going to their daily blog friends and when they see a contest, screaming like it was Oprah's Favorite Things...only not as loud. Or spastic.

What this all leads me to is a contest over at Jaci's blog, where you can relive your teen years with some cool books! *purposely doesn't mention gift card* And if you win and don't want them, feel free to give them to me!

And now for some more mortification, a high school memory. Patty ,I don't think you were around for this one and that's probably a good thing because I am not in contact with anyone that was!

It was I believe freshman year and along with all the figuring out of what is the right thing to do and wear, you also figure out pretty quickly who the right people are. You know the pretty, perfect and popular people. Coming from Catholic school I had dealt with my fair share of them at a tender age. Being in high school I put that all behind me and thought things would be different, they had to be right?

I have to say that I was a tiny thing back in the day, barely weighing 100 pounds. I danced but wasn't on any dance teams and it never crossed my mind the cheer. I actually was pretty confident with myself, not really caring about one crowd or another, but always had them in my peripheral vision. You know you did too...even if you ranted and raved against them, deep inside you wanted to be like them, part of them.

Surprisingly in my high school they were all actually pretty smart, though at times it was questionable. A lot of times they ended up in the same classes and we all had to interact. What made that event more fun was when the put us in alphabetical order for seating assignments. I was a Mar, which always put me near a Map. Specifically Mike Maples. He played football and baseball and thought he was all around cool. Most days he was alright but just a tad too full of himself.

Fast forward to one day at lunch where I am sitting with my friends, none of us popular in the slightest, and he asks to talk to me. I'm thinking he needs help with a class or homework or who knows. The last thing that crossed my mind was what he actually was there for, intimidation and embarrassment. He begins by telling me he heard I was talking about him and his friends. I'm dumbfounded because who would I talk to HIM about that would actually be part of his incrowd? I'm standing there all 5 foot of me and flatly tell him I have no idea what he is talking about. He gets a little louder and I stand my ground. He's insane and I look to my friends and they all look away, not one having my back. But Mike, hotstuff has several football players with him and I ask him if he is going to try and beat me up, as he is bigger than me and with friends and I am alone. He goes back to what so-and-so told him and I repeat that I never said anything about him and why would I? We share classes together and actually get along. I ask him what I need to do to make him believe I never said a word and he tells me I can get on the floor and kiss his shoes.

Now before you all scream in horror for me, know this, yes I was small and yes my heart was beating out of my chest with adrenaline. And more than anything I wanted to be somewhat popular. But I am also a Libra, also Puerto Rican and also my mother's daughter. In other words, like justice, I have fire in my soul and have a big damn mouth. So fear not, I looked at Mr. Maples and laughed. To which he looked confused by and I then told him he could believe what he wanted, but I was not kissing anything on him, much less his shoes. He and his friends watched as I walked away, chest high and pride intact.

When I got back to my "friends" of course they were all a twitter with what had gone on and instead I lambasted them for not coming to my help or at least having my back, if only for show. None of them knew what to say and this was my first lesson about who I was and who I associated with.


  1. Yikes! Mike sounds like someone who probably turned into a wife beater! Don't you love high school gossip? And what was up with the football players having his back while he's talking to a 100 POUND GIRL?!?!'re story makes me mad, too! :)

    I've got you down for 5 honey! Soon you might be rolling around in Sweet Valley goodness (and a gift card--shhh).

  2. DAMN GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go with your tiny self!!!!

    I bet he remembers that day.

  3. Atta girl!!! And I wish you had a someone to beat the crud out of that guy for trying to intimidate you!!

  4. Laughter is often the best remedy! You're a strong little chica. Don't forget--the more you comment this week, the more entries you have in the Great Pop'rs Giveaway!

  5. Okay, I don't think I ever heard this story before. But oh the memories that come back with the name of "Mike Maples". lmao.

    Anyway, good for you on standing your ground. Some people have such egos... and yeah, just like a PP said, what's up with him confronting a 100 lb chic. He must've been so proud of himself. Umm, by any chance, was Jason Wright part of his posse, because if he was, then ummm..... oh never mind - that name opens up a whole other can of memories. roflmao.

  6. Oh jeez, that's funny now. Bet it wasn't then. Good for you for standing your ground and having the wherewithall to be able to respond to him. I'd have been, "uh, uh, what?"


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