Monday, July 21, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know

A few of you asked and I've figure I'd give a bit more background and details.

As most of you already have figured out, this will be our first child. Hubby and I dated for 3 years before getting engaged and will be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary in January. We figured it probably was about time we popped out an heir because it was the one question we got asked a lot. And I have to be honest, talking me into having a kid was work. I am lazy, I am selfish and I know once you become a mother there is no room for either of those "assets." So for us to wait was perfect, I treated our dog as a child and when he annoyed me, I could ignore him with no consequences.

Then I began to get that know the one where you see babies or pregnant women and feel your uterus kick you? That pain...only it would come and go. Usually it went when I was out and saw a mother trying to wrangle several toddlers into a store or my dinner was interrupted by a screaming baby or unruly toddler. Yep, those were the moments that I looked at Hubby and thought, NO WAY. Because see, I'm not silly enough to think that those things would not happen to me...I knew I'd be that frazzled mom looking to the heavens for help. So what better way to avoid than to be happy in our wedded childless bliss? But the uterus would not be ignored and finally we decided there would never be a right time and my eggs were not getting any younger. So 4 months ago we took the plunge...literally and figuratively.

If you go back to my first entries it's all about us "doing" it and how I was feeling and what was happening. My body was suddenly all over the place with it's cycle and I couldn't count on a thing. And I didn't want to wait a year for the doctor's to decide to have me try this or that. I was giving my body 6 months to get it's act together. And that's when I also decided I was over it. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, so I stopped worrying. And don't you know that was when it happened.

So here I am at 10 weeks and because I am slightly superstitious I wanted to wait until I was past my 12 week mark to tell our families. What's funny is that I have no problem telling prefect strangers. My mom did always say I had a problem with that...

I want to wait because we have had family members that told early in pregnancy only to have to give bad news a week or two later. I've been that embarrassed person that asks how things are going only to get the a look with tears and sadness. I didn't want anyone to be that person and I didn't want to have a family that is going to be so excited because this will be grandbaby numero uno. (#1 for you folks that ain't bilingual) Everyone is ready to go baby shopping and knowing that I want to be sure I am healthy and baby is healthy before spreading the news. I am all about better safe, than sorry.

We don't know how we will tell but Deanna gave a great suggestion, which includes a cute little rhyme in a frame. This weekend I actually had an opportunity to blurt it out at dinner to my family and had to bite my tongue! When we get together with Hubby's family there is usually a night that the whole immediate family will have dinner together. We know that will be when we tell...we just don't want to say "we have something to share", so we are trying to think of a way we can say it without saying it and see who catches on first! I am open to all suggestions, so comment away.

That's our story and I'm sticking to it!!


  1. Hmmm... a t-shirt with just a small logo that says MIT. Let someone ask you what MIT stands for - Mommy in Training.

    Send "save the date" cards to your parents with the due date on them? Just be really vague about what they're saving the date for.

    Put ONE jar of baby food in the fridge and see if anyone notices when they come over?

    Just put what to expect when your expecting in a stack of books on your coffee table.

  2. Thanks for the comment today on my blog! O it will be fun to read how you decide to annoucne it!

  3. My sister put a literal bun in the oven, and asked my brother-in-law to look in the oven. He reached in, picked it up and said, "Hon, it's a bun. .. IT'S A BUN IN THE OVEN!!!" SOooososooOOOO fun.

    I gave my mom a gift (it was mother's day) of a onesie that said, "What Happens at Grandma's Stays at Grandma's"

    Found you through Pearls of Wisdom's blogroll- so weird reading your blog, it's were I was one year ago. Married almost 5 years, one fur baby, tried for a while, got preg. the month we quit trying. SO stop by my blog if you need any help imagining what your life might be like a year from now.

  4. I called my parents as soon as I got the two pink lines, I have no restraint!

    My sister gave her parents a baby themed frame, inside she had written something like "coming in 2006..." Maybe you could do something creative with the ultrasound picture? I know, I am so useless with the ideas here...

  5. When I have no ideas, all ideas are GREAT ones! Thanks ladies, I knew you all would not let me down. Now I have some serious thinking to do. :)

  6. Buy a high chair and put it at one of the place settings at your table! : D

  7. We bought our parents "Grandma" and "Grandpa" christmas ornaments for the tree. I thought my dad was going to hurt himself... he jumped over the coffee table and hugged me. It was adorable. We waited to tell extended family (found out a 7 weeks, told parents at 8 weeks, gave parents the greenlight to tell people after 12 weeks).
    I, too, have had friends tell everyone, then get bad news. It's not superstitious and I understand completely!

  8. I just realized that your family doesn't have your blog address. I haven't shared mine either! There's something about it that makes it easier for me to write.

    Good post!


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