Sunday, June 22, 2008

Now what?

So here I am at 5 weeks pregnant and I'm lost. I don't feel like myself and really except for the fact that we are indeed pregnant, nothing has changed. Is it suppose to? I think maybe it all hasn't really hit me or even us yet. Maybe we had been talking about it for so long that now that it is eminent, it's just another goal to accomplish?

I haven't been online scouting sites and trying to figure things out...because I'm not really sure what I need to figure out. It's too early for a registry and too early to tell family, so what are we supposed to be doing? I think about what I want the room that will turn into the baby's room will look like, but it's mostly just a fleeting thought. A, "that might be nice" thought and then I move on. I visit a few message boards, but it seems like the same questions are asked over and over, be it about symptons, how far along you are, if you're telling people. I guess I'm just being hyper critical...and honestly I'm not sure what should be there for me to find entertaining. *sigh*

On a happier note we are looking for ways to tell out families. It will be awhile before we do, but of course, like everything I do I want to be prepared. Somethings never change!

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