Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time Flies

And that is exactly what has happened. A week ago the Hubs and celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss. That's right it was 10 years ago that we were doing this:

I remember most of our wedding day and Hubs asked if I was nervous that day and the truth is, I wasn't. We had just spend 3 1/2 years dating and I was ready to make it all official. It was a beautiful winter day in Florida and from what I remember, everyone had a great time.

And almost five years ago we were doing this:

We went from just having to care about ourselves, to caring for another little life. Things were never the same after Spencer arrived in our lives. It was easy to fall head-over-heels for our little guy. We thought our family was complete.

And then almost three years ago we did complete our family and our hearts grew even more as we did this:

Teagan completed our family and what I was so afraid of...I needed not be. Because I do have enough love for not only my husband but both my children. It is an amazing thing to have your heart grow even bigger and accommodate everyone.

Ten years has brought a lot of changes to our lives and our family. But I have been lucky to do it with such a great man. He has always had my back, always wiped my tears and never been afraid to share his dreams with me. But even though we have done so much, our ride has only just begun. I can't wait to see where the next 10 years takes us!

Sunday, January 12, 2014


So here we are almost two weeks into 2014 and all the post about words and resolutions and holiday blues have come and gone. And then there is me. I thought about jumping on that bandwagon but realized that it wouldn't be authentic. I wasn't interested in thinking of a word to determine my year or blathering on about all the resolutions I would attempt to only find myself at the end of 2014 and realizing I failed at many of them.

So instead I start with a fresh header on the blog and a bit of resolve. There are things I want to accomplish this year but that's for me to know and maybe share. Or maybe not.


I did manage to reflect on 2013 and realize that our family has been very blessed. Besides doing something big (bought a house) we managed to stay healthy and happy. Sometimes, in the day to day it is hard to see the blessings and be thankful for them. Even when every other post on Facebook tells you to do just that. And I know God is at work to show me all he is doing for my family but I have turned a blind eye and become a bit desensitized to his message. I don't want to be that person and I don't want my kids to be those kids. I know now that I am and will always be a work in progress. And that's okay.

This year the kids are turning 5 and 3. It seems like it was just yesterday that I had become a mother and was holding my baby boy in my arms and hoping that I would not fail him. And now he is just about 6 months away from starting kindergarten.  I know when the day comes I will be in tears. And he will be just fine, because he always is. He is brave, silly and smart. He loves to talk and ask questions and learn. I am not failing him and am thankful for that.

And my little girl. Not my mini me in looks but for sure in attitude. She is sassy and smart-assy. She is stubborn and funny and smart. She loves to dance and color and I hope she never stops. I think my favorite is when we are cuddling at night and she randomly remembers a day or moment and laughs. It is infectious and a reminder that laughing is great.

The Husband. We are almost at 10 years or marriage and I am still learning new things about him. I thank God for sending him to me. He is all I could hope for in a man and I only hope that I never fail him.

So this is where we are in 2014. Happy New Year!