Friday, November 29, 2013


That's the the number of cards I use to send out each Christmas season. In recent years the number has dwindled. I know a lot of people figure you can get updates via Facebook or Instagram and so they are saving a few bucks by not mailing a card. But for me the fun has been finding the perfect card, along to go with just the right family photo.

The past two years I've gotten away from the usual photo card on photo paper and went with the stationery approach. Many places are now giving you more room to put in a personal touch when it comes to your card but for someone like me, I just look for the card that grabs me and begs me to place our family photo in it. And I've found a place where the designs are fabulous. And I'm not just saying that. I actually clicked the link and ooed and ahhed. Go ahead and take a peek. Am I right or am I right? I had heard of Minted before but hadn't taken the time to really look. Boy, have I been missing out. People are talented and this is definitely proven because the designs you see? That's right, they are submitted and then voted on by folks like you and me. How cool is that? But what really impressed me? The sheer amount of cards they had, just every kind of design you could dream up. I spent a good hour just looking and wishing I had ordered my cards from them this year.

Maybe sending Christmas cards isn't your thing, Minted has tons of other items as well. From journals to actual stationary and party favors. All of it beautifully designed and inspiring. I was truly pleasantly surprised by all that Minted has to offer. Here are a few of my favorite items:

Festive Reindeer - Griffin Bell Paper Co.
This is a great card for those that aren't really into wrangling the family into a photo for the sake of their Christmas cards. Best part is that you can change the color and the actual shape of the card. And you can do that with all their cards. How's that for personalization?

Storybook Holiday - Jody Wody
Maybe you want to include a bit about the family's year? This is a great way to do that without sending a long letter and being too pretentious! Again, you can change color, edges and even make it into a folded card.

This is a new style that I started seeing last year and is fun, because who doesn't need another ornament on the tree? Especially if you can get a cute picture like the one above. A-dor-able, with the capital A!

Two BIG things about Minted...they will address your cards for you. That's right, FOR YOU. Just log in and start an address book and your cards will come to you already addressed. That is a genius idea. The other thing they do is let you see your photo in the cards without going through all the rigamorole of creating one card. Upload your photo and suddenly you can see your shot in every card on the page. It truly saves you some time trying to decide if you have either the prefect card or the perfect photo.

Minted asked if I would be interested in doing a review for their recently launched 2013 holiday collection and I agreed. While I am being compensated, all opinions are my own.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


39 is the age I turned this year...back in October. I had all the best intentions of blogging about my day and how I felt knowing it was my last year in my 30's and then like always, life got in the way. 

There was a time that I would put the kids to bed and hop on the computer and get things done. Now? Now I put the kids to bed and just want to crawl into my own bed with the TV remote or a good book. Or sometimes I just want to catch up with the husband. But the best nights? Those are the nights I actually pass out with the kids and sleep until morning. Or 3 am.  And then I will catch up on things I meant to do on the computer but blogging is never first. And so it falls to the wayside. I'm okay with that because I am doing what I want to do when I want to do it. Catch up on sleep? Why not. Read a book? My fave thing. Talk with my husband? With no kids to interrupt, it's divine.

I spent my birthday morning at the salon after having breakfast with the husband. There is a place called Great Harvest that bakes fresh bread, muffins, and scones daily. Talk about walking into a place that smells great. I could work a taste tester. They also give samples that are actually pretty decent in size. It was nice to just sit and talk and sip a cup of coffee without hearing "mom, mom, mom" a bajillion times.

When I think of birthday traditions, I realize mine is being at a salon. I have been at a salon on my birthday for the last 4 years. Sometimes it's for a just a cut or a blow out. But this year I went and had some color. I was itching to get away from the dark dark brown that is my natural color. Now when the sun is shining bright you can see a dark auburn in my hair. Occassionally it still shocks me but I love it.

You can't really see it in that picture but that was me on my actually birthday, so it will do. I thought I would go with a more drastic change but I didn't want too much upkeep. So here I am...39 and feeling fine. Let's see if I can not let another 42 days pass before I update again!